We believe in breaking down the barriers to education and simplifying processes so that more students can adopt the new skills. Buzz is a educational network where you meet professionals. Buzz is a learners educational network where you get to chat, videos, presentations, analysis as well as empowerment opportunities.

Why We Love Buzz (And You Should, Too!)

Creative Collaborations, Greater Efficiency, Less Stress, Mutual Cooperation, Increasing Engagements, Counselling, Innovation, Publication, Outreach and much more at Buzz.

  • Simple User Interface

    A clear, clean and clutter-free interface. It helps to focus on key points instead of misleading.

  • Personalized User Profile and Experience

    Only needed important information is taken. where they can catch up on their discussions, comments, reputation, reactions, badges, abilities, and much more.

  • Powerful search

    Prominent Search Functionality. Live search box and filtering. It’s finding the correct content as per every keystroke.

  • Make your team

    Creating a team for completing a specific task in a group. Get rewarded with every new concept implementation.

  • Notifications and Real time updates

    A regular stream of updates/notifications. It helps in maintaining and enhancing the collaborative and conversational spirit.

  • Interactivity

    Its a heart of Buzz because all teachers, learners are interconnected. It helps to get right direction on every idea, presentations.

  • Publish a page

    Every member can express by publishing own concept. Its out of the box activity to promote the concept and involvement for a concept.

  • Forum

    A convenient way to get answers from all open-minded users. It’s helping to get a most probable solution to any problem.

  • Polls

    You can add a poll to topics you post that registered members can vote on. Optionally you can allow members to vote for multiple choices in a poll.

  • Boards

    Each board is a place where you can start discussions with other members.

  • Smart History

    Its remember everything you’ve seen, always keeping you up to date with which discussions have new content. Buzz puts you right place where you were in a discussion.

  • Empowerment

    Many of our professionals offer an opportunity on the basis of reputation, reactions, abilities of a member.