About Coaching Academy

How students learn, is just as important as what. Coaching Academy is where education meets innovation, collaborations.

The Coaching Academy is an education network that helps connect all learners with the folks and resources required to achieve their full potential. Our goal is to create a medium for teachers and students to continue their learning outside the classroom. We attempt to fill a need for a more educationally focused, safe venue for teachers, schools, and home learners in a social networking environment.

We understand that many social networking sites exist, however the control of content is limited for teachers. Also, many of these social networking sites are continuously being blocked by school firewalls and administrators. Our service proudly differs in that only teachers and students may view specific posts, thus creating a private network for you and your students and a safer online learning environment.

Many students already use social networking sites. Why not give them an opportunity to develop their learning in this type of environment but with control over visibility and content. Talk about student engagement!

It is a fact that students need social networking, blogging and basic internet skills to compete in today’s business world.

As educators with an interest, we understand how education has and will continue to change. We want to provide an opportunity for our students to explore web but are constantly facing barriers with existing social networking sites.

Welcome to the Coaching Academy.

Not only will the Coaching Academy gives the web skills they need, but also expand their reading, writing, thoughts and ideas beyond the classroom setting. It is most required for the empowerment.

What we do best?

Education is a path, not a destination. Important is a way, must stand on a right track to reflect.


Identify the Skills

Coaching Academy is a platform where everyone is having active participation. It is a important factor which helps us to identify the potential. In this stage most likely interested educators connects.



We are moving to a world where you can look at specific experiences and specific students and understand what’s working for particular types of learners. Coaching Academy plays important role here to gather the learners to develop the skills.



Coaching Academy is a educators platform where learners develops the skills as per the future business/ industry requirements. Its a very crucial stage of Coaching Academy to empower students, employees, enterpruners.

Why work with us?

Coaching Academy is a platform where students and learners connected each other. Its best way to learn from best teacher, teach to the interested learners as well as businesses gets recommendations according to the analysis.

Coaching Academy has a Buzz educational network which is free of cost. While Mock tests varies the fees as per the tests/ test series you chose.

You will get much more interesting stuff as per your interest and specifications.

Coaching Academy is charging only for the applications maintenance and resources.

Once enrolled, you will be a lifetime user of the Coaching Academy.

Shout outs

  • Coaching Academy is a platform where you may be a teacher or student. Because here everybody is bounded interestingly. All the techniques are used to grab or share the knowledge. I really recommend to join buzz.

    Roop Kumar
  • Coaching Academy is a platform where I was able to groom my quantitative and qualitative skills which helped me all the way.

  • Helpful & Reliable applications. I Recommend to others. I admit, you will get what you are looking for. Thank you !!!

    Reema Bhamare
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